Basic policy on preventing money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism

THE SHIMIZU BANK, LTD. (the "Bank") has established the basic policy on anti-money laundering ("AML") and countering the financing of terrorism ("CFT"), to control relevant risks, maintain/improve a healthy and appropriate business environment.

1. Operation Policy

・The Bank takes AML/CFT as one of most important agenda of management strategy at board level, and takes effective provisions as an organization.

2. Organizational Provision

・The Bank appoints the general managing director and department of compliance in charge of AML/CFT provisions with cooperation from relevant departments to form the overall policy throughout the organization.

3. AML/CFT Management based on risk based approach

・The bank implements mitigation policies to identify/evaluate the risks of money laundering and terrorism financing we are facing.

4. Implement of compliance and customer due diligence policies

・The Bank complies with laws related to prevention of transfer of criminal proceeds, foreign exchange and foreign trade, and implements the policies which takes required provisions such as transaction confirmation, asset freezing and reporting of suspicious transaction to manage our customers.

5. Management of Correspondent Banking

・The Bank collects and evaluates the information of correspondent banks and implements appropriate provisions depending on their own risk assessment.

6. Employee Training

・The Bank implements continuous training programs to all directors and employees in order to execute our AML/CFT appropriately.

7. Continual Improvement

・The Bank takes best effort to examine the effectiveness of AML/CFT provisions and commits to continual improvement.